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Finn und Glide are good friends

Finn protects Glide.
The first common walk.

a beautiful meal
two friends
Walk in near of the village.
What can we do in the next time?

break in the vacation
Double success in Leipzig 2007


Finn with his dam Bine.
Family meeting: Geronimo, Bine and Finn von der Jakobshöhe.

Glide met his father Otto
in Stockholm
at world dog show.
Glide with father Otto.

Finn plays

Glide plays


Bernese friendships

Roland with Glide
Jana with Gustav v. d. Nijberhoeve
Anne with Finn
Yosi and Finn
Matthias and Finn

Carolin visits the Bruno
with her hare.

Finn and Jill

Leon, Finn und Glide

Finn gets to know a pigeon.

Glide announces itself with horses.
Peace after the play.
We are strong together!
Bruno and Molly plays!

dog friendships
Finn, Anne, Glide

Easter 2008 - the family

favourite places

In the living room it sleeps at the best one - Glide.
Under the Tamariske feels safe Glide with its toy.

Glide looks for shade under a tree.

Finn thinks: "Here none finds me!?"

life experiences

Glide receive a music lesson

Is a balloon to start here?
It lasts an eternity, before such a balloon rises into air!
Finally the balloon starts!
The rape is threshed
in front of our house.

Glide learns - friends are very vigorous sometimes . . . . . .


Finn does not look happy!

Also Glide can imagine a day better!


Finn in Munich
Dog walk with the country group Saxony im June 2006.
Passage with the ferry to Denmark in August 2006.

Finn in Norway in August 2006.
Vacation at the water in Norway.
Finn in Sweden in August 2006.
Finn in Raa (Sweden)
in August 2006.
Finn and Glide in Munich.
Finn and Glide in Oybin
Easter 2007

Travel by train pleases us much.
Finn and Glide at Baltic Sea
on October 06, 2007

Finn, Anne and Glide at the Genfersee on October 17, 2010

dog place

Practice makes full.

Am I here inside?

Set up for practicing.
Today we practice at the water!

Glide is very courageous.

Glide plays on the board bridge.

in the water

Finn gets to know with the water.
Here is Finn already more courageous.
Glide takes his first bath
and Finn watches.
Today Yosi bathes
together with Glide and Finn.

Special Occasions

Bruno has birthday.
Finn celebrates his first birthday.
The first birthday from Glide.
Glide celebrates his first birthday together with Finn.
Banquet to the 3rd birthday
of Finn.
Christmas Eve 2007
Glide is 3 years old now
Finn is 5 years old now
6th Birthday of Finn