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Bruno von der Jakobshöhe

* March 17, 1999     † November 1, 2004

Bruno was our family's first dog.
His endearing, pleasant and happy ways quickly made him an important member of our family that could not be excluded from any aspect of our lives.
He accompanied us everywhere, became a good buddy of the friends of our children and also of our son, Matthias, and the members of his football team.
At SSV and DCBS dog shows he achieved awards.
We were so proud of him and we were all very lucky!

Unfortunately his fate was not as we would have wished.
On 6th October 2004 Bruno suffered a slipped disk.
After conservative therapies did not work, he underwent surgery to repair the disk.
The surgery left him in a very weakened condition.
Unfortunately, our Bruno did not recover from the otherwise successful surgery
and he died much too early at the age of only
5 years, 7 months and 15 days.

Dear Bruno,

unfortunately you were not allowed to experience
how Finn came to us.
You left us 3 weeks too soon.
We would have gladly had you stay longer with us.
Thank you for the many beautiful hours with you.
They are unforgettable for us.

We miss you so much!


Thus Bruno came to us - a nice small dog.

He became fast the adequate family member.
He let everything happen with itself.

Food was his world!

Cuddle was never too much for him.

For each fun he was to be had.

You looked always very good.

You had many friends.

You loved this snowdrift.

On dog showes you were successful.


we will never forget you!