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Here on

Am Mühlweg 4

in the district Hausdorf of

04680 Colditz


live the

Bernese mountain dogs

Finn von der Jakobshöhe & Street Glide Av Lee Armand


Roland and Anne-Kathrin Benkus

phone: 0 (049) 34381 - 44 64 2
email: kontakt.BenkusBerner@gmail.com


Colditz is located in the beautiful district
Landkreis Leipzig in the north of Saxony
in the triangle of the cities
Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden.

You can have a wonderful walk or ride
in the magnificent hills and the vast forests.


You will find us by GPS/navigate
under following German adresses:

  • Hausdorf, Am Mühlweg 4
  • or
  • Zschadraß, Am Mühlweg 4

  • bigger view