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June 28th, 2009

The puppies of
Street Glide Av Lee Armand & Wanya vom Ruederthal
in the kennel
Zuchtstätte vom Stieracker
are 2 weeks old now.

Their weight is 1,5 kg and all get their names.

2 females


5 males



June 27th, 2009

Happy congratulations to
Mona Lisa von de Wildenhayn
because the great result of X-ray
HD A1     ED 0
for the win in Youth Class with the result "Very Good 1"
at CAC Baden-Baden Steinbach in Germany last weekend.

Your parents Finn von der Jakobshöhe and Betty vom Lensbach
are very proud !


Excellent news from the Netherlands too:

a daughter of the 1st litter after our Finn
passed the breeding test.

Best wishes to
the owner Bea Vanden Driessche
the breeder Arjan van der Vlis.


Many greetings at the sunny Italy sends
Nero von de Wildenhayn - a son of our Glide.
He is very happy with his new family
and transmits some pictures:


June 19th, 2009

Fibrin and Miley send greetings from Hungaria

We are happy about new pictures
of two very nice daughters
from the 6th litter of our Finn von der Jakobshöhe.

Fibrin and Miley are nearly 3 months old now.


June 18th, 2009

Happy Birthday

The dogs of
the 1st litter after Finn von der Jakobshöhe
celebrate their 2nd Birthday today.

Dear "Birthday Children"
Njord, Bente, Britt, Liv, Mette and Verle !

In future we wish you all the best
together with your families.


June 17th, 2009

CAC in Erfurt (Germany) on June 13, 2009

Our both dogs
Finn von der Jakobshöhe and Street Glide Av Lee Armand
started in Champion Class.

      von der

      Excellent 1


      Street Glide
      Lee Armand

      Excellent 3


At dog show in Erfurt were also

Bine von der Jakobshöhe
the mother of our Finn.
She is 10 years and 4 months old now.
She started in the Senior Class and earned the 2nd place.


Bine was escorted by her 3 months old granddaughter
Hanna von der Jakobshöhe,
a daughter of our Glide.
Hanna explored nosy and adventuresome
the new, interesting environment.


We were especially delighted because
a daughter of our Finn,
had come to Erfurt together with her new owner.

Here in the big and loud hall she got to know the show atmosphere.
The only 4,5 months old Clärchen
was a attraction of the visitors.
She was not shy
used all chances to establish contacts.


June 16th, 2009

Puppies were born in Switzerland ...

Since June 12th, 2009
Street Glide Av Lee Armand and Wanya vom Rüderthal
are proud parents of
5 males and 2 females.

Pedigree of the puppies

They were born in the kennel "vom Stieracker".

First pictures you can see here and here too:

Happy congratulations to the breeders
Mrs. Ursula Flückiger and family Berger.

Dear Wanya and dear lovely little "K"-puppies,
we are sooo proud of you !!!


June 12, 2009

CAC in Martigny on June 07th, 2009

Daughters of
Finn von der Jakobshöhe and Street Glide Av Lee Armand
started and got great results.
Judge was Mr. Claude Sautebin from Switzerland.

Miss Italia von de Wildenhayn
- daughter of Finn -
started in Youth Class
and got the result "Excellent 2".

Nice Sophie von de Wildenhayn
- daughter of Glide -
started in Baby Class
and got the result "Excellent 2".

A great result earned
Klara von de Wildenhayn too.
She started in the Open Class
and got the result "Excellent 4".

Here you can see from the left to the right side:
Klara - Miss Italia and Nice Sophie:

Congratulations to the owners
and to family Weidelhofer, the breeders !


June 6th, 2009

* * *   News from Hungaria   * * *

Now it is calm in the kennel "Öreghegyi-Mackó"
because some of the puppies of
Öreghegyi-Mackó Effi and Finn von der Jakobshöhe

The breeder Zsófia Pillár got
Flora "Bella" and Flavin to Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
on June 01st, 2009.

Here both let to know the fantastic airport.
More pictures you can see "here":

After a long fly
Bella and Flavin arrived Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania in the USA).
Here the lovely received by the new owners
Edie Saphira and Hilary Porter Tyson.

Fiona leaved today.

She will live in the kennel "von Swissy" in Hungaria
with Miklósné Urbán.
Her breeder Zsófia Pillár will be a Co-owner.

At home are only Fibrin and Feuertanzer "Miley" now.

Forever Fibrin will stay with her breeder Zsófia Pillár
in the kennel "Öreghegyi-Mackó".

Miley will fly to New Zealand in future.
Here she will become a beautiful new home
with Lisa Stevenson in the kennel "Anahera".

We are so proud - all 5 will live with breeders of Bernese mountain dogs in future.
Dear Zsófi, that we have to thank for your commitment.
Many many thanks for this !!!

We wish all the dogs - and their new owners too -
a harmonic and eventful life together,
many successes in the show ring
of course a robust, excellent health
to result a long life.