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Blur Line Av Lee Armand
is a stud dog with FCI-papers.
He passed breeding test of the Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein für Deutschland e.V. (SSV).
He is available only for healthy bitches with FCI-papers.

Before mating we wish to see the result of a vaginal swap made in beginning of the heat.

If you have an interest in mating with Blur
it is also necessary to accept

the rules of breeding of the SSV
(Schweizer Sennenhund-Verein
für Deutschland e.V.)

It is our breeding association of Bernese Mountain dogs in Germany.

Please note:

For mating a dog of the SSV (male or female)
with dogs that are not registered by the SSV (from abroad or DCBS)
you need the permission of the breeding commission of the SSV
like stated at article 9 of the breeding orders of the SSV.

This permission must applied by Mrs. Fechler
(email: fechler@ssv-ev.de)
at least 6 weeks before mating.

  • Mrs. Fechler needs to come to a decision
    following documents of the dog not registered by SSV:
    • copy of the pedigree

    • copy of the breeding test
      (only if such a test is usual in this country)

    • copy of the X-ray HD/ED

    • informations about age structure of the ancestors (at least 10 of 14)

      It is necessary to file:

      • Either the current messages of life (not older than 1 year) signed by a veterinary, a person that is responsible for breeding or the breeding association. The current judge reports, documents of examinations or other official documents are enough as well.
      • If the dog has died Mrs. Fechler needs date of birth and date of death - month and year are enough. This informations must be signed by the owner of the dog, by a veterinary or by the breeding association as well.

  • We (Roland & Anne-Kathrin Benkus) regulary receive DOGBASE of the SSV. DOGBASE is a database for the PC of all dogs registered with in the SSV. Here we find data of dogs from abroad too with their pedigrees, results of X-ray, messages of live or death.
  • Of course we will help you to collect all documents you need for mating of your dog with a look at the latest version of the SSV DOGBASE.